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The Brutal Reality Of Fitness

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The fitness industry is brutal, it couldn’t be any further from a woman’s friend if it tried. I have women contact me weekly getting no where with their hard work, starving, miserable, tired, overtrained, the list goes on. Why do they feel that way? Because the fitness industry pushes it upon them.

As woman the idea of being ‘skinny’ is put in front of us right from the start, the idea of ‘good’ & ‘bad’ foods are advertised to us everywhere, and the worst part is that the worst offenders for this are ‘health & fitness’ magazines. They need money to get printed so they take it from anyone ‘health & fitness’ related. Normally some greasy business man who is playing on the low self esteem most women have, pushing the ultimate diet or fitness equipment to make their dreams come true. The product being pushed to woman isn’t encouraging them to be the best version of themselves, it’s telling them what the best version is, and that they should become that. And of course when she can’t hold true to the shakes or the ‘miracle’ machines diet because it has them so drastically depleted & deprived they feel like you have failed. Then when a woman don’t get the lasting results their self esteem falls further then it was before because clearly she is not worthy of that bikini body because she just can’t take the steps to get there.

This emotional rollercoaster for most woman has been going on for years, decades, it takes months even years for me as a coach to undo the damage of what women believe they need to do to be worthy. But the number on the scales doesn’t mark our self worth.

I spend most of my time teaching woman that balance is key, lift some things, minimal cardio, lots of food and include the good stuff like chocolate, and it doesn’t even have to be dark!

I spend my time teaching them to go against the grain of what they have been told is right.

I spend my time teaching them how to overcome the mental & emotional demons that have been created.

I spend my time teaching them that there is no top 10 foods to weight loss.

The problem is woman a sold quick fixes every single day. Some will reach their goal while using the quick fix but 95% don’t maintain it. This is the problem with a quick fix, they are not designed to teach anything. It doesn’t educate about the foods we put it the our mouths or a maintainable exercise regime or how to care and respect the female body in its day to day functions. That’s not what a quick fix is about. A quick fix is about Mr. Greasy Business man that I mentioned earlier making a quick buck off a woman’s insecurities. Selling a 6 pack in just 6 weeks that either won’t come or won’t last and they don’t care, sales people don’t care if your an emotional wreck because the weight you lost drinking shakes has pilled back on, that just means you will buy the next con that they come up with because you still vulnerable.

The biggest hurdle for a woman in our current society is she to actually learn to love herself and respect her body. It’s the first step to being truly happy. We are all different and all beautiful. Every woman has a completely different bikini body to the next. A true bikini body is finding the confidence in your own skin before your reach your ‘dream body.’


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