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As most of you would know I eat a Paleo diet, which removes grains, dairy, sugar (refined) & preservatives from your diet aka stuff that really you shouldn’t be eating anyway. A lot of people throw the idea of Paleo, Clean Eating or healthy eating in general to the wind because its to hard to maintain 100% of the time. Well I take my hat off to anyone who follows it 100% and never ever caves!

Today I had a really, really bad day, I was frustrated at everything and I mean everything, the way my business was, my public relation attempts, the way I looked, the way I felt, absolutely everything you can think of I could find a reason to be frustrated at it. How did I solve that problem? I didn’t workout, and I ate everything bad I could find in the house, why is there bad food in your house? well we have a stash of chocolate, biscuits, soft drink in the spare room for when we have backpackers working on our farm and also a box of cereal for the days we just are in a crazy rush, which I really try not to touch. So I ate the cereal, I drank a Coke, ate 1/2 a packed of chocolate biscuits, some awful Gluten Free garlic bread and continued to sit on the couch watching a movie I?ve seen hundreds of times. But do you want to know something? I don’t care that I did that today, I?m no ashamed of doing it and I?m happy to tell you and here is why.

Healthy eating, no matter it?s form, and exercise are like a set of scales and as log as your ratio to the good habits is always higher then that to the bad habits you will always come out on top. So if 8 out of 10 days you follow your workout routine and eat well and you have 2 days where you don’t follow any form of a healthy lifestyle you will come out on top. Creating change and especially health change is hard, really really hard, anyone who tells you its a walk in the park, could do it with their eyes closed and never have a cheat day are lying, and if they believe it they are lying to themselves. Eventually today I got out of my crazy Thai pants into some real clothes, ate and apple with peanut butter and got on with life and being myself.

It doesn’t just have to apply when your having a bad day/cheat day, a very close friend of mine is a great example of this in another way. She has either been all in or all out, never a mid-way. Either flat out on a strict diet and exercising daily or back to bad habits of soft drink, coffee, take away, not as much exercise, the list goes on. 2015 has been her year to shine (and I?m so proud of her) finally after years of me saying ?just baby steps,? she’s slowed down to take them, even putting me in my place! She loves nothing more then a daily Coke Zero and morning coffee, since the start of 2015 she hasn’t had a Coke Zero, or any soft drink, instead replacing it with some sparkling water or water. She has noticed the change in her body and feels much better for it, once she felt confident that habit was kicked she asked me about removing the gluten from her diet, which is her current challenge learning what contains it and living without or around those products. When did she put me in my place? about 2 weeks in she told me ?it?s been 2 weeks with no Coke I feel great!? I replied ?what about the coffee?? to which I was told, ?One step at a time, I will cave all good habits if I drop that now.? You see its all about getting it right more then 50% of the time cause then, your getting it right! And you feel less tempted to beat yourself up or give up, because if you believe your still moving in a positive direction then you will keep going that way.

So don’t give up on yourself, eat your apple, turn the negative around and get back into it!


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