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She is stunning right! Theres nothing wrong with the gorgeous girl who started with my, but she wanted to compete, so compete she did!

Katy trusted me enough to eat more food & do a short bulk before we shredded her back for comp day.

Katy placed in everyone of her lineups:

3rd Bikini First Timers

3rd Bikini Novice

5th Bikini Open

Now we are heading into her off season reversing her back, increasing her up to over 2500cals on her training days, while still maintaining a little abs & upper her lifts to bring in more back & booty in 2018.

During 2018 we will be working on her stage presence, more smile and a little more flow & dominance through the crowd of the stage.

Katy has done all this and we are going to continue to do it online, I can’t wait to meet Katy in 2018 but till then we will keep smashing it from a distance.


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