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Vicky first come to me in 2015 to have a play in an Antigravity Aerial Yoga Workshop, she soon decided that she wanted to test me out as a trainer in her fitness journey.

Vicky had lost 18-20kg before even stepping foot in my door, she had tried out plenty of different plans trying to find what would really work for her and her small family, she didn?t give up on those plans they just weren?t a fit for her lifestyle or a lifestyle in general.

When Vicky started doing PT & Bootcamps with me she didn?t go the option of having nutrition advice as well. When she hit a plato that lasted for a couple of months no matter what she did I suggested that we get some nutrition advice involved for a while. I quickly found out she was only eating 900 calories a day?needless to say I needed to hold onto the bit of equipment I was leaning onto so I didn?t hit the floor, thats nearly breakfast calories!!

Instantly I worked on getting Vicky out of starvation and guess what happened the weight started to move, not only that she had energy again to give 110% to her kids and hubby once more! It also meant she could really start to push some weight in the gym, she is one strong, sexy chick that can squat her husbands body weight!

The nutrition advice that Vicky takes on board with me fits her lifestyle, she gets to have takeout with the family, go out for breakfast, lunch, dinner with no restrictions not to mention the treats she can fit into her day to day life!

Vicky now eats twice the calories, is continuing to lose weight, lifting heavy, get strong, sexy & fit. She?s not done, this is just midway through her journey.

Go check out more on Vicky?s fitness journey on instagram: she is an amazing inspirational mother of 2, proving that any body can do this!

Your fitness journey will never end, you will always evolve.

If you interested in making change to your lifestyle like Vicky contact me: [email protected]


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