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Tips to Reduce Your Stress Levels

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Life is so fast paced these days that most of us find that we are stressed at least at some point in the week.

But stress not only takes away from the enjoyment of life, it can hinder your results.



Our brains amongst other organs, is one of the hardest working organs we have. Because it works so hard, we are constantly thinking even if we don’t realise it. Some of our thoughts can actually build more anxiety and stress subliminally. In the back of our minds, we may be dwelling on a past argument we’ve had with a friend, or our next career move. 

Journalling is a way to get your thoughts out of your head and into perspective. Use a note pad, a specific journal or download one of the awesome journalling apps like Day One.

If you’re unsure what to write these prompts might help you get started:

What are the current thoughts & feeling in your head?

What do you need more of in life?

What things set your soul on fire?

What holds you back?

What achievements has the day bought? 

What plans do you have for the week?

What are some limiting beliefs you have that’s holding you back from your best life?

Of course you can write just about anything that’s been bothering. Our goal is to destress and let go of the anxiety that’s been built up in your head.


Our space, is usually a reflection of our mind and lifestyle in some manner. If you are living in a cluttered space or working in a congested environment stress may be knocking at your door. We may not realise it but giving your space a good clean can alleviate some of the worry you may be experiencing. 

I know, it may sound a bit crazy, but trust me!

“A clean space, brings a happy face!”

By removing the clutter you’re remove the distraction and it will only take you 5mins to get your areas feeling less cluttered, and if you create a system it will stay that way.


Just stop for a moment, take a deep breath and do something small for yourself for just 5-10mins. Maybe it’s enjoying your coffee without reading emails, meditating, a walk around the block, cuddle your pet or just sit in some silence for 5, anything to clear your mind & reset. 

As you can see all the above tips would only take 5-10mins out of your day, so give them 1 or all a go next time you’re feeling stressed and see how your mood changes.


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