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I recently decided that it was time to try out this new fitness gadget the Fitbit. To start with I had to decide which Fitbit device I wanted, I quickly decided the Zip wasn?t for me because it didn?t have the ?sleep tracker? feature which I was incredibly interested in. It was then down to Flex & One and I decided on the Flex because it was a wrist band but these great features also come with the Flex;

Flex? Wireless
Activity + Sleep Wristband
Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.
LED lights show progress against your goal.
Monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm.
Wear all day and night, even in the shower.
Includes tracker, small and large wristbands, charging cable and wireless sync dongle.

The Fitbit syncs up to your Smart phone, so you can see your steps, distance covered, activity minutes, calories burned, weight-loss goal progress (either needs to be manual entered or with the Fitbit scales) the sleep tracker, calories eaten, calories left to eat to reach your weight loss goal & water intake. After 24hrs I was hooked! I kept finding myself checking the app to see how many steps I?d taken for the day, with the goal set at 10,000 steps when you first start up it makes you have to add a walk or a run to your day if your in an office job.

The app also syncs up to My Fitness Pal, so you can use the food & exercise diary feature, which I highly recommend because this is the one feature that has placed a ??? On the fitbit app, the calorie counter doesn?t have a lot of food & drink options for you to choose from but by syncing the 2 apps you cover that base anyway. While your at it sync My Fitness Pal with any other fitness apps you have such as Run Keeper so that running, walking etc doesn?t need to be added to your activity minutes, it happen automatically.

Then if being with your fitbit for your waking hours isn?t enough add it to bedtime, you can use the sleep tracker to record how long you sleep, how often you where awake, restless and for how long during the night. Then when you get woken up by the lovely silent alarm in the morning you?ll find yourself excited again to see how your sleep was.
Overall this gadget will suit absolutely everybody, it is an amazing weight-loss tool to help keep you on track, and for the fitness obsessed your just going to love knowing what your burning and eating and who doesn?t love anything that connects with our phone?

This will become your new addiction, and what better addiction to have then one for your fitness and even weight-loss, so go on get addicted!

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