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This year I ran the first of what will hopefully be many Challenges. All the girls involved did a fabulous job and below are the Top 3 of the Challenge and also the winner Bec of the 30 Day Summer Body Challenges stories.


Bicep 2.5cm???
Chest 3.5cm???
Waist 4cm???
Belly Button 2cm???
Hips 4.5cm???
Thigh 2cm???
When Bec contacted me she wasn’t all about trying to loose a lot of weight but she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t getting more results in the gym. I quickly found out she was over training and under eating. We reversed Bec up to nearly double the calories per day and only 1hr of training per day with minimum one rest day. In the first 4 weeks she started to get complements from strangers in the gym and in public about how good she was looking. So I’m 12 weeks Bec has learnt to eat enough to fuel her body and train no more then 1hr per day. Her relationship with food has improved tenfold and she’s looking amazing, finally starting to get that muscle definition she’s been chasing. So it’s not just about results on the scales, tape measure & pictures it’s the mental growth to! During this process she even went to a party and had cake! Because she can!
Well done Bec.??


Same Kg
Bicep Same
Chest 3.5cm???
Waist 4cm???
Belly Button 3.5cm???
Hip 4cm???
Thigh 1.5cm???
Sophie is the youngest of my Challenge girls and for Sophie it’s about learning the balance of food and life, it’s not about losing kg the fact she lost cm and got back to school and continued to eat in the most beautiful and balanced way I am very proud of. To start Sophie like most people was under eating and letting the scales dictate how she felt, but now she’s eating more hen ever, feeling and looking great! She even fitted takeout in each week with the family and hit all her goals.
Teaching Sophie about food from an early age is important to me because we need to mold our youth with a healthy mindset of food, especially with everything out there in the media. The plus side for Sophie is her pants are fitting a little better now.??
Well done Soph!??


Bicep 1.5cm???
Chest 7cm???
Waist 3cm???
Belly Button 3cm???
Hip 5.5cm???
Thigh 8cm???
Steph has had some amazing results during the challenge and also some amazing lifestyle challenges. For Steph she wanted to lose weight especially in the legs and bottom.
When Steph started she lacked motivation to do her exercise and was having takeout 3-4 times per week. She now enjoys prepping herself healthy easy meals and enjoy a candy bar a day! Yes she did! And she has been doing her home workouts and getting amazing results.
Well Done Steph!?


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