I remember meeting Vicky in August 2015, she was super sweet, kind of quiet, had already lost a great deal of weight on her own but things had started to stall so she decided it was time to seek out some help.?

She started off with some Aerial Yoga & a PT Session, she then added a bootcamp, dropped the AGY and added another PT now nearly 2 years on she does 2x PT, 2x Bootcamp & 1 x Female Strength Session. It’s not just the training that gets Vicky her results, it’s only about 40%, the other 60% is diet.?

But back to when we met, for the first 3-4 months we where getting good results with the combination of what Vicky was doing in the gym and at home but slowly she started to Plato again. After an assessment in January 2016 Vicky was warming up with a bit of a droopy face and I said ‘ok so what are you doing at home?’ She told me, it all sounded perfect. I said ‘ok how much are you eating, do you track?’ Her reply made my jaw drop to the floor and I swear I nearly dropped a dumbbell on my foot, Vicky told me she was eating 900 calories a day maybe 1100 on a bad day. ? that breakfast and morning smoko ppl!?

From that second I told Vicky she had to do my online macro coaching which she complied because she wants the results, she has since reversed up to 2500+ calories, her macros are forever changing for what is happening in life, gym and her body at any given time they never stay the same so please don’t mindlessly eat that amount of calories it has got science behind what she is doing!?

Ever since then Vicky has constantly been seeing results always changing, sometimes the scales don’t change but the girths and progress pictures do, it’s not just about the scales.?

To date she has lost over 37kg! Naturally, no drugs, no shakes, no pills.?

If you have started to say oh she’s lucky she can go to the gym 5 times a week, you can say she is lucky she sees me in person because that’s not an opportunity everyone has because I’m booked out 95% of the year. But Vicky puts in the effort she ignores the excuses that she has 2 kids & works full time. Sometimes she tired when she walks in the door before her kids are out of bed or she’s just got them to kinder & school. Or she’s put dinner on the table for her husband and kids and left to go to class. Vicky gets results because she doesn’t make excuses, she’s also organized she knows what she’s having to eat she also knows what the family is having so that she’s ready to go, making good food doesn’t have to take time, takeout is never the quicker option if you prioritize an afternoon or morning of your weekend to organize yourself, if you don’t want to do that then that fine, it just means you don’t want the results.?

Vicky for me is my answer to anyone with the excuse ‘you don’t have kids you wouldn’t get it’ (yes I get that regularly) if you want anything bad enough you’ll make it happen, if you don’t you’ll make excuses.?


Transformation – Jacinta

Hi everyone, checkout how well Jacinta is doing!! Jacinta contacted me to see if my S.M.A.R.T eating guide would be ok for her while she was breastfeeding, and though it’s mostly ok she needed just a bit more food in each day to keep both her and bub well nourished, so after making a few changes she was on her way! You can see in her week 1 – week 3 photos that she has lost a lot of bloating and weight through the stomach and is also becoming former across the stomach. This is what Jacinta had to say from her experience;

“Since starting my S.M.A.R.T eating meal plan I have more energy, don’t feel as lethargic and don’t need to sleep as much, my hair, skin and nails are stronger, I’m not as moody and I overall look and feel healthier. My son who I’m currently breastfeeding has also had some changes through his mood, hair, skin & nails since I’ve been eating Rowena’s plan. On top of all that I’ve lost 2.7kg in 3 weeks, that’s 2kg of my pre-baby weight! The food is delicious and the recipes are really easy to follow, there is a great variety of recipes and most are quick to make! After purchasing my meal plan Rowena was always there for me when ever I had questions or needed any extra help, she was also there asking how I was going along the way. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey to get to my pre-baby weight and I feel I can go further then before to being the fittest, healthiest me I’ve been in years!”


My Weight Loss Journey so far?-?Ines

I have been trying to lose weight for 3 Years and never really succeeded. I joint the Gym many times and lost interest very quickly. I thought I ate healthy food but the weight wasn?t dropping.

I have been watching Rowena?s sister Adele bring in these yummy looking lunches for days and that one day I couldn?t help myself and asked Adele about these meals. She told me that she is following Rowena?s 12 week clean eating Plan and that these are available through her website. I went home that day and searched for it online and purchased the smart eating eBook and everything changed from that day onwards. I have done the 12 weeks smart eating and lost 15 cm on my waist and 11 cm on my bust. I am not yet at my goal but I am well on truly on my way there. Rowena?s smart eating guide has taught me a lot about healthy eating. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. The smart eating eBook doesn?t feel like a diet and I believe that the reason for that is that nothing get cut out, yes you still get to have treats and Carbs (the healthy kindJ). This was the first Diet, I followed 99 % of the Time and even when I had a bad Day and fell of the Wagon it was easy to get back on it. In the 12 weeks I have learnt a lot about healthy eating and have changed my eating habits completely. I feel so much better in myself my skin has changed, I don?t feel as bloated anymore and my energy levels are up. I now use Recipes from Rowena?s meal plan and search the Internet for Paleo recipes and love trying all these different foods.

I also joined Rowena?s Boot camps and go 3 times a week and love it and believe me I never thought I would say this but I do enjoy going to the Boot camps even though they can be hard at times. I have tried Group fitness at the Gym and after going for a few times I stopped. I like Rowena?s small classes and every class is different no repetitive exercises. You get to class and just don?t know what she will do to you (in a good wayJ ) which makes it interesting. I am now in a routine where I have to exercise every day, if I don?t I feel tired and sluggish.

I can highly recommend the combination of Rowena?s smart eating Guide and Exercise. Rowena has been very supportive all the way and is an excellent Personal Trainer. She certainly changed my life and taught me a lot about myself.

This is Vicky?


Vicky first come to me in 2015 to have a play in an Antigravity Aerial Yoga Workshop, she soon decided that she wanted to test me out as a trainer in her fitness journey.

Vicky had lost 18-20kg before even stepping foot in my door, she had tried out plenty of different plans trying to find what would really work for her and her small family, she didn?t give up on those plans they just weren?t a fit for her lifestyle or a lifestyle in general.

When Vicky started doing PT & Bootcamps with me she didn?t go the option of having nutrition advice as well. When she hit a plato that lasted for a couple of months no matter what she did I suggested that we get some nutrition advice involved for a while. I quickly found out she was only eating 900 calories a day?needless to say I needed to hold onto the bit of equipment I was leaning onto so I didn?t hit the floor, thats nearly breakfast calories!!

Instantly I worked on getting Vicky out of starvation and guess what happened the weight started to move, not only that she had energy again to give 110% to her kids and hubby once more! It also meant she could really start to push some weight in the gym, she is one strong, sexy chick that can squat her husbands body weight!

The nutrition advice that Vicky takes on board with me fits her lifestyle, she gets to have takeout with the family, go out for breakfast, lunch, dinner with no restrictions not to mention the treats she can fit into her day to day life!

Vicky now eats twice the calories, is continuing to lose weight, lifting heavy, get strong, sexy & fit. She?s not done, this is just midway through her journey.

Go check out more on Vicky?s fitness journey on instagram: tor.gets.fit she is an amazing inspirational mother of 2, proving that any body can do this!

Your fitness journey will never end, you will always evolve.

If you interested in making change to your lifestyle like Vicky contact me: [email protected]


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