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Vic Transformation

How do you feel about Ro as a Coach?

Ro as a coach is just next level she doesn’t just give you a plan and send you on you way. She’s there for you in your corner. Rowena is so knowledgeable and supportive she doesn’t judge she’s always too happy to help. Rowena keeps me accountable not only to myself but to my goals as well. I definitely have her to thank for helping me get to where I am in my journey today because I don’t think I could have gotten to where I am with out her support, guidance and encouragement. Shes amazing and has helped me turn my life around. I couldn’t ask for a better coach!!

What do you like about #TEAMSMART?

What’s not to like about teamsmart? I love everything about team smart, but one of my fave things is the other girls on the team! The girls are all so supportive towards each other, they pick me when im down. They push me to do better, we inspire and motivate each other and for me that’s been amazing!

What has your experience been like with #TEAMSMART?

My experience with team smart has been incredibly positive I’ve learnt so much about my self found a new sense of self confidence and love. I’ve also been taught to train smarter not harder. I’ve been pushed to a level in the gym that I never would have reached if it wasn’t for joining teamsmart.

What’s so different about #TEAMSMART to other things you have tried?

The support!!! Any other “diets” I’ve tried there has been no support or accountability and it was so food restrictive that I couldn’t stick to it for a long period of time. I’ve finally found something that has become a part of my life an allowed me to live my best life with out missing out and still reach my goals at the same time.

Whats some of your highlights in life/achievements since being in #TEAMSMART?

I stepped on stage for the first time being 55kgs down wearing a swimsuit for the first time in my adult life, I then went on to do the wbff transformation division rocking a two piece bikini. That experience for me was incredible, so liberating and something I am incredibly proud of my self for achieving. Something I never would have thought about or dreamed of if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement from Rowena. I also have a current deadlift pb of 120KGs and a squat pb of 117.5KGs both of which I am hoping to smash!

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