Vicky’s 2017 Progress

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Vicky has been a client for almost 3 years, but at the start of 2017 she decided she needed that little kick in the ass to really reboot her weight loss, so she signed up to my 4 Week New Year Kickstart Challenge.

It was a perfect start for 2017, because she didn’t stop there she continued for the full 12 months of 2017. Not only has she kept loosing weight & hitting fitness goals she stepped onstage at the ICN Eureka Show in the swimwear category, and smashed it!

Did this happen overnight? No she made a lifestyle change, she stopped underrating & overtraining, she learnt to trust a process that seems totally foreign to what you read in ‘Fitness’ & Beauty magazines. So whats that all mean? She ate a lot of food and trained 4-6times a week throughout the year. The lowest her calories got was 1900cal on her low days, normally they sit up around 2300-2400cals. She gave 110% to the processed, she hit her macros she showed up to training and gave it her all.


Vicky’s 2017 Progress:

Weight -14.9kg

Bicep: -7.5cm

Chest: -15cm

Waist: -9cm

Belly Button: -21cm

Hip: -19cm

Thigh: -10cm




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