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I, myself was even a little shocked when I jumped on my website last week to see the last time I had posted a blog was June 2015?.first of all sorry for the neglect, but where have I been you ask?

I have been on an amazing start to a new life journey, I have grown so much in the last 3 months that I almost feel like a different person. I don’t know if it?s just I?m feeling braver as I?m getting older so I?m taking on challenges like a month in Thailand doing a Teacher Training without my husband by my side or to decide that I was going to do a Fitness Model Competition and get up on a stage in front of a crowd and 3 judges in the smallest bikini I thought I would own and be judged on my physic. What! Yes this is where I?ve been I let Competition Prep take over my every waking and sleeping moment, and I love it, it may just be a new addiction and I cant wait for the next one. I Vlogged (new to me too!) every moment of my journey the good the bad the changes everything that happened in that 13 weeks, I intend to keep Vlogging workouts recipes etc and my next Competition Prep in 2016.

All the Vlogs will be linked up through my blog shortly but if they aren’t there yet and you want to see My YouTube channel link is; https://www.youtube.com/channel/rowenasmart

When I first went into my competition training I felt like I was walking in the dark I had no idea what I was doing which was scary it almost felt like my qualifications I hold in health and fitness didn’t count! But what I have learnt along the way hasn’t just made me better as a person, more comfortable with myself but it has made me a better health professional which means I can do so much more for my clients. In learning this I decided I would also branch out and do custom meal plans and workout plans through the online world not just my generic S.M.A.R.T plans, I want to create more variety for you all to live a healthy happy life and through this Comp prep I have learnt how to do that. But back to feeling like I had no idea! I started madly researching Bikini/Fitness model meal plans (as this is where I felt my knowledge was weakest) I found a couple of sample meal plans online, they where all very similar; low carb, low fat, high protein, so I picked one and started following it. I was absolutely drained, exhausted having to have a nap in the afternoon after my workout just to get through my night of classes! And the terrible thing about this was I just resided to the fact that that how I would get through the next 3 months of my prep.

It wasn’t until I started hunting around Instagram looking for other Fitness Models to workout how far I wanted to take my body that I found ladies following the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) way of eating, they where raving about how it changed their life as competitors and their bodies. So thats where my research then lead, cause that where I wanted to take it and this was before I even knew I wanted to do this more then once! My research is still continuing in the nutrition area, once I finish one book on body building nutrition I?m onto the next one about IIFYM or Carb Cycling I want to know everything I can, but the experience I?ve had so far has taught me so much that can?t be learned from a book.

Did she just say Body Building? yes I did, and it?s not that its an area I?m going into but I?m taking the principles and applying what I want from it to my knowledge, they are still humans after all, we all run the same.

After finding IIFYM eating the competition prep felt more achievable, it was now a lifestyle and a lifestyle I could and wanted to live. For the next 7 weeks I enjoyed my training, there was still ups and downs but I was putting a great deal of pressure on myself as I wanted to do well, so I was on a bit of a ledge for a tip off to get upset, the crazy 2-3hr training sessions where possibly pushing me that way, I have since learnt that I don’t have to train like that and my body responds better to the way I train now.

To competition day, so all the way through, I thought this day would be nerve racking and that I would be out the back judging myself against all the other girls, and pulling myself down (isn?t this what we all tend to do on a bad day?)? But I was surprised to find that there was no crazy anxiety or stress about what I was about to do and when I was backstage, don’t get my wrong I was looking at the other girls, ticking off who I had a bette bum then 😛 but I was also looking at the abs (this was my weak point in my training) and I didn?t look at myself and say oh I don’t deserve to stand next to her, I went oh I like those, more hard work next time woman and you?ll get there. I honestly had the best time up on stage, even though I didn?t place top 5 this time it is my goal for next time and with the knowledge I?ve gathered in this time, I know I can do it. My feedback was that I needed to see a posing coach as my poses just weren?t quiet on the money to make my body look its best so that?s exactly what I?ll do!



Here?s to a future of my doing a better job of juggling, vlog, blog, work, life & training so that information can be shared freely with you all! Till next time.


PS I really want to thank my friend Steff for coming and being my support crew, not really sure how I would have got competitor tan evenly on my back without you! x


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