Why does your Health & Fitness need a Community?

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A lot of girls start their health & fitness journey, and even if its the right one they give up because they don’t have a support network around them. Does that mean its your friends & family are at fault for your failed health & fitness attempts or is it yours for not changing friends?

The answer is neither. There is actually no reason to expect your family & friends to be right behind you rooting for your health & fitness goal, what is acceptable is to join a community so that you have a group of like minded women around you that you can chat to, bounce ideas & learn from. Its about broadening your friendship group to suit you as you change. Don’t get me wrong some friends and in some case family will filter out of your life but they don’t have to. Take me for instance I’m still friends with my main friends from my party girl days! They don’t compete, they don’t track but they are still my friends and I love them as much as I did back then.

If you’re reading this and thinking why wouldn’t your friends & family support you? Because they will often be your resistance to you changing. No one likes change and a lot of people don’t want one of the favourite people to change because what if they don’t like the person they change into? So they resist it, its human nature, its survival, they aren’t doing it to be spiteful to you a lot don?t even realise they are behaving in a negative or unsupportive way towards you new found lifestyle. Sometimes they are entitled to be resistance because this might be your 10th attempt at changing your lifestyle and those other 9 times you where going to be a brand new person and you weren’t, so sometimes it does just come back on us for some of their resistance.

But back to finding that community. The reason for finding a community is so that you have people you can talk to about your health & fitness journey with, because you will get resistance more from friends & family if you crap on about your macros or gym lifts to them all the time, so find a group of people who love talking about the same stuff as you!?

How do you find your community? There is the option of joining private studio fitness groups, they are normally smaller and more intimate so you have the chance to chat to the other girls before/after class and create a bond. Or there is online communities like my Team Smart girls have. I add them all to a Facebook support group they can post within that group but they also start to find each other through their own social medias because of that group, which allows them to connect and chat as they please.?

Finding the right group is important too, not every community/group is for everyone which is ok. So do your research, stalk some of their members on social media (you know you do it) and ask them how they feel about the community they are apart of. But the other important thing is actually take advantage of the community you have joined, if you sit back behind your keyboard and watch everyone else post, never post yourself, never reach out, if you don’t interact your wont get the reward back either.

Go, go find that support group or team you are meant to be a part of and be active and a part of that group. I know I am so proud of the support my girls have for each other, the are supportive, of each others goals, they are there to help when someone is struggling and there to cheer when one of them reaches a goal. A good community makes you feel even more motivated too keep reaching for your goal.


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