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Recently I have seen article after article about keeping motivated (I?m even going to throw a few at you over time) but what about rewarding yourself for staying motivated? It?s just as important. It?s like a compliment for yourself on all your hard work.

So, you?ve gone to the gym 3 times a week for a month like you promised yourself, you?ve lost a dress size or reached your goal weight?first of all well done! Now is the time to reward yourself. Don?t make the mistake of treating yourself with food; make it something that actually rewards you for your hard work not hinders it! So how about a new dress, pair of jeans, bathers, jewelry, anything but cake, chocolate, alcohol, the list goes on! Now you might be on a bit of a budget and giving yourself a great reward might seem unachievable. I understand that, so here?s where my idea comes in. Create a workout tip jar. And when reward time comes you?ll be surprised how much you have!

How does your tip jar work? The good news, there is only one rule: The only time you put money in the jar is when workout. You decide how much you place in your jar, and try to be consistent in these choices. $1, $2, $5 etc., or you can reward yourself with a certain amount for what you do. For example, you are going to a Group Fitness class, you can give yourself $1 or if you go for a run maybe pay yourself $1 per km, the choice is yours. Now as I?ve been typing I?ve been thinking and

I?ve decided there are two rules! You must only spend the money when you reach your goal for this training period and the money in the jar must only pay for your reward, nothing else?so maybe that?s three rules!

The next important thing is picking your jar. This is really important. You want it to look cute and put it in an area you can see it. This provides an extra reminder to go workout. I personally like an old Mason or jam jar that?s all cleaned up but everyone?s style is different.

So go get a jar and start tipping your hard work!

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