Your weight, your child.

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So you want to lose weight, look & feel great. Now that you have a family it isn’t just about you it’s about doing it for your family too, right? Well have you ever stopped to look at how your body image and weight-loss issue effects your child?
Do you ever say; “I look gross in this,” “I wish I could lose some weight,” “oh, I shouldn’t eat this,” in front of your child? Stop and actually have a think about it because if you loath your body at any time chances are you have said it in front of them. Your thinking that’s fine it won’t effect them, well did you mother ever say it in front of you?
Maybe your mother never had a body issue and this isn’t where your body issues have come from, but the most vulnerable to be influence is a young child, especially young girls. If your child watches you bullying yourself, trying every fad diet and deciding it didn’t work for you, chances are they will grow up and follow directly in your footsteps. Don’t beat yourself up about it! How where you meant to realize you could hand on your weight & body issues! But it doesn’t have to stay that way.
How can you make this change? First of all start a journey to loving yourself, doing this is actually going to make your weigh-loss journey 100x easier too! Stop getting on your scales, stop the fad diets and stop beating yourself up!!! Start to focus more on eating & living a healthy lifestyle, and if you have a bad day don’t worry about it, don’t punish yourself just get back on the wagon the next day.
Also the line I used before “oh, I shouldn’t eat this.” Your actually sabotaging your own weight-loss saying this, not just making your child believe that certain foods are evil. When you look at the body in a primal way we are designed with a fight or flight protection mechanism. What’s this got to do with eating? Well stress releases the stress hormone cortisol, this hormone actually puts your body into fight mode and if you’re telling your body that this piece of birthday cake is going to make you fat…it will. The psychology behind this will need a whole new blog post but stop saying you shouldn’t do something in front of your child it will benefit both of you, and if you want to enjoy something that you never have dam well do it!!
Be the role model you want your child to grow up to be. They will take different paths, different careers etc but they will have a healthy body image which will bring them more happiness then anything else can. Learn to love your body today so that your child will grow up to love theirs.


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